offer many preventative maintenance options. It's the convenient way to keep any mechanical device healthy and in top condition while minimizing service expenses and visits to your local mechanic. All our products rely solely on our unique, smooth, non abrasive NanoMaterial recently PROVEN by ARGONNE National Lab.



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Audio Spectra

We can convert your Before and After treatment audio into a broad spectrum image that occur with our diamond coating.

PLUS 5 years testing at AGRONNE labs shows DiamondLube is wear-test proven to be better than the best synthetic motor oil, including Mobil 1. A partial use list begins with adding to gasoline and diesel engine oil,  gear lubricants, bearings, and hydraulics producing the best super lube performance.  For Anything That Moves™

Superior to the best synthetic motor oil based on Pin-on-ring testing

10 Years of Testing 



ARGONNE Lab has proven our spherical nanodiamond WORKS. Introduced in 2006, early testing showed extreme gains in fuel economy, severe decreases in greenhouse gas emissions and unheard of increases in longevity. We are currently targeting power gains. In 2013 the US DoD issued a Mil Spec. SEE