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THE Paradigm Shift in Lubrication™

Worlds FIRST and only NO LUBE Weapon Treatment
After treatment, firing residue cleans off easily with soap (Dawn) water and a tooth brush!

Introduced in 2006, this licensed coating works on virtually any friction surface, including the articulating arm of the USA Space Shuttle. The coefficient of friction has been tested by Co Space Bearing Co at COF.0008, with +300x life without any sign of wear. Also available in DoD approved
 MIL-PRF-63460-E at www.quickenCLP.com

Help us save the Planet. Stop pollution and waste in their tracks with Diamond Coating.

Our smallest bottle is 3ml (pictured above) and it will diamond coat the friction surfaces of up to 30 hand guns, 10 shot guns or 5 AR Class rifles. It needs your help to drive the diamond coating in, and the more you cycle the weapon before live fire the better. Don't like guns, it works on everything like pine wood derby, air tools, safes tumblers, lock mechanisms, bearings, gears, sliding surfaces, steel on steel or anything else of any size, like the Azima DLI tested 7500HP Diesel CAT that was rejuvenated within hours of receiving a diamond coating. We have a collection of videos showing initial treatment of dozens of weapons at gun shows, but our most fun time was treating machine and Mini Guns at Knob Creek. When parts stop wearing, and oil, grease & TOXIC cleaning solvents are no longer required, you can take pride in knowing you are helping STOP pollution.

The most asked question is how can that little bottle do all that, and the answer is in TRUE Nanotechnology. Our unique spherical diamond particles are so small (.1-4nm), each micro-drop contains BILLIONS of them, however old detonation nanodiamond (cluster diamond) sellers continue to claim millions of particles per 8oz bottle and charge the same price or more, I you do the math, each drop has more than their whole 8oz bottle, so what are you buying - OIL. Our largest bottle is one fluid ounce and it will treat a standard V8 engine, two for a SEMI engine. But if every friction surface can be treated on everything on Earth, nothing will wear out, our natural recourses will not be uselessly wasted and everything will consume less energy to operate.

Please call any sporting goods or hardware store in the world and see if they carry DiamondLube and you will  find nobody stocks it. Why, after eight years of offering the world "Diamond Coating in a Bottle" nobody will let you buy it? Its too good because it stops anything from wearing out, which is bad for the parts supply business. Its also bad for the lubrication and cleaning supply business, but as a consumer do you really want to keep CONSUMING, or are you ready to start SAVING, read on.

The ORIGINAL and Best NanoLubricant to the market, copied by dozens but not duplicated.

WARNING: NEVER treat an engine until the rings have seated, or they NEVER WILL.

 Chris Arnold\ invented, and NanoLube, Inc is the "only" source of Licensed Spherical NanoDiamond which allows for extremely high fuel economy and reduced wear. www.diamondlube.net is our North Carolina distributor. Detonation NanoDiamond is a known abrasive - our Unique Spherical NanoDiamond is Not Abrasive.

Friction is NOT an Issue
with Diamondlube

(See our Videos)

Prevent Wear and Increase MPG 21% - 35%
Proven to Reduce SOOT in the oil by up to 75%
NanoMolecular protection against friction, wear & sludge buildup

DiamondLube™ is the original in spherical nanodiamond and "Only" Universal Lubricant™ that treats, protects friction surfaces from wear, and reduces friction. DiamondLube™ provides Mechanical Lubrication™ based on our pioneering discovery of spherical nanodiamond that produces superior sliding contact. Our +MPG formula offers 21-35% increase in fuel economy, reduces soot up to 75%, and provides Wearproof™ coatings to treated parts.


  • An M249SAW (squad automatic weapon) was treated in Iraq by “Triple Canopy” and sustained 2000 rounds full auto fire without jamming, after an initial treatment cost of under $1.
  • Liberty Ashes Garbage truck fleet, over 90% in maintenance savings and increased fuel economy. 
  • Shriner Harley Davidson responded within minutes with dramatic increase in  performance, Video soon.
  • In January 2012 the U.S. DoE began to investigate our technology. Initial testing revealed unusual resistance to wear and other unique and unexpected properties.
  • Phase 1 Army Mil Spec testing has been completed at Picatinni Arsenal – passing and exceeding all tests performed to date.
  • $153,000 Formula Speedboat had a max 5800 RPM prior to treating only the twin 350 Magnum engines with DiamondLube™. After engine treatment, RPMs increased to 6500. Later we treated he out drives and all other friction points. The Illinois speed craft is named “Anger Management.”
  • Gun Tests Magazine tested our technology and rated it Grade A.  They reported their results in the November 2011 issue. A Barrett 50cal was rated Grade B.
  • The American Field Hospital in Dubai used $.08 of our product in 2007 to remove 2 stuck Titanium screws from a Titanium housing, savings thousands of dollars in transportation costs.
  • Oil Analysis on Semi engines consistently shows over 50% reduction in soot, and the protective qualities of our diamond coating treatments do not wear out like Molybdenum and Tungsten Disulfide (Moly).
  • $5000 worth of our product corrected galling issues that avoided $85,000 in repairs on a Norfolk Southern RR Swing bridge - shown on the video page. Total time to full treatment was under 24 hours.
  • 200 ton press attained an 81% increase in cycle speed within 6 minutes of hydraulic, ways and gibbs treatment.


DiamondLube™ Performance Products are based on new and extremely novel, spherical nanodiamond invented by Christopher Arnold\ - our products are pioneering in the market. Many others are falsely claiming to have identical material, yet they continue to use crushed diamond powder or detonation nanodiamond which are abrasive. If it is not from NanoLube, Inc of Illinois – it is not based on our ground breaking discovery. Licensed product can be ordered www.diamondlube.com (the Manufacturer) & www.diamondlube.net our NC Dealer) ALL OTHERS ARE Simply FAKE or wannabe imitators. Detonation Nanodiamond is old technology and is commonly available from many countries, and each particle has dozens of razor sharp edges that abrade. Our particles are smooth, spherical and were unavailable prior to Christopher Arnold creating them, and they prevent wear as proven in DoE testing. To put our particles into perspective, it would take about 80,000 Non Detonation Nanodiamond™ lined end to end just to span the width of a human hair, and hundreds of trillions to replace the volume of a single, one millimeter section of hair.


DiamondLube™ provides real diamond coatings at a cost of pennies per drop to treat friction surfaces. Compare this to the cost of chemical vapor deposition coatings at hundreds to thousands of dollars per unit.













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