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THE Paradigm Shift in Lubrication™

MIL30CLP Weapons Lube

Worlds FIRST and only NO LUBE Weapon Treatment
  After treatment, firing residue cleans off easily with soap (Dawn) water and a tooth brush!

3ml provides the protection of about a Quart of normal CLP by unique Diamond Coating rather than chemicals.
Quicken®CLP Tactical Diamond Coating with Mil Spec and lot numbers. For sale in USA or Military worldwide. Military direct sales with a Government credit card will ensure purchase of our superior CLP as SAIC has refused to purchase our products because they are more expensive than syntheic oil. Our Mil-Spec diamond coating is superior, unique and diamond, it is thereby more expensive. Until we are issued a unique stock number, Military must buy direct.

Should you elect to make payments through this website, they will be processed through paypal.
Order at www.quickenCLP.com

This product was subjected to extensive testing and reported about and rated "Grade A" in Gun Test Magazine Nov 2011 issue. Available in 3ml, 7ml and 14ml dispensers, this product provides superior protection against rust, corrosion and wear as it diamond coats friction surfaces. In July 2013 we completed and passed Mil Spec testing for MIL-PRF-63460E. There is NO Teflon in our product, only synthetic, spherical NanoDiamond that only we distribute.


This product has been used on numerous machine guns such as AK47, MP9,  M4 and M249SAW with stellar anti-jamming performance. From Barrett 50Cal to 10/22, no weapon is too large, or small to treat. Our Novel Nanomaterial (manufactured ONLY by NanoLube, Inc) has treated several M60A1 Tanks, a swing bridge, a 35 yard dumper and many dozens of Class 8 tractor trailer combos - removing friction, preventing wear and greatly increasing fuel economy. Now the perfect weapons lube is available to protect your guns and knives, performance tested and reported in a full two page write-up in Gun Test Magazine. I have been informed Follow-up articles are planned covering gun barrel and heavy equipment treatment.

"There's No Stickin' With Quicken®"

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