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THE Paradigm Shift in Lubrication™

Prevents Metal on Metal Contact and galling, even on mated Stainless Steel friction surfaces. 
Nanotechnology breakthrough prevents wear and slashes friction at the same time. 

the Mechanical Lubricant™
with HyperDiamond®
Available in 3ml Retail Pack and bench sized 7ml and 14ml bottles.

ATM®+P high performance - with 50% more nanomaterial than our original formula. Use on All Weapons, Industrial, High Pressure applications, and "Anything That Moves."

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NDN140ATM+P treats 200 guns, or 800 knife hinges or fishing reels.
NDN70ATM+P treats 100 guns, or 400 knife hinges or fishing reels.
NDN30ATM+P treats about 30 guns, or 160 knife hinges or fishing reels.
Use this product on anything that requires lubrication, including fishing line, hinges, locks, bearings, tools, gears, hydraulics...ANYTHING.

Chemical lubricants break down over time, cake up and stop lubricating. Our NanoDiamond bearings will never wear out, and once the small amount of synthetic carrier oil evaporates - the Mechanical Lubrication
 will protect and lubricate for greatly extended periods.

Quicken®, HyperDiamond® and ATM® are the registered trademarks of NanoLube, Inc., NanoLube, The Mechanical Lubricant, The Universal Lubricant, DiamondLube and "There's No Stickin' With Quicken" are trademarks of NanoLube, Inc.

Mobil 1 on left  DiamondLube TM on right
       Pin on Ring 1.5 hour wear test

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