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The below Dyno test shows a 20% increase in horsepower and torque at 4600 RPM, and 15 % increase at  3600 RPM.graph here.

After $35,000 in military testing, QuickenCLP Tactical Diamond Coatings is our military weapons application. the ONLY DoD approved diamond coating in the world. NOBODY will carry it for fear of lost sales because it actually prevents wear and the need for oil, grease and cleaning supplies. Just call Gander Mtn, Cabellas, Brownels, Bass pro, and just try to order QuickenCLP or DiamondLube. Why wont anyone carry this DoD approved "Lubricant", because its too good for you.

The ONLY Mil SPEC recognized worldwide as a Diamond Coating. SEEwww.quickenCLP.comfor more info.

To the left are two score marks of a pin on ring test lasting 1.5 hours long each, showing Mobil 1 on the left and DiamondLube on the right. Mobil 1 actually did pretty well compared to many other tested products, but nothing beats a diamond coating.

To the left is a scanning electron microscope image of our unique, smooth diamond spheres.  Because there are no sharp edges they are the First ever non abrasive nanodiamond particles.  They measure .1 to 4 nanometers in size.  It takes 100,000 spheres to span the width of a human hair. Unlike all the counterfeit NanoLube that has appeared on the market - ours is the original and is not a chemical that will eventually wear out. This is a new form of matter, a new technology.

Audio signature of a Harley Davidson motorcycle before DiamondLube™ treatment on the Left, showing severe knocking from piston slap.  On the Right is after only 10 Minutes of working in DiamondLube™.

The company paying for our diamond coating of tested equipment tested by AzimaDLI said I could use this report providing their name was removed, whereby Enterprise Coatings, LLC was clip and pasted over their name.  DiamondLube™ is the original in spherical nanodiamond and "Only" Universal Lubricant™ that treats & protects friction surfaces from wear, and reduces friction. DiamondLube™ provides Mechanical Lubrication™ based on our pioneering discovery of spherical nanodiamond that produces superior sliding contact. Our +MPG formula offers 21-35% increase in fuel economy, reduces soot up to 80%, and provides Wearproof™ coatings to treated parts.

In 2014 Azima DLI did testing on a 7500 horsepower diesel Caterpillar engine, showing 400HP increase in only 31 hours run time.  Click on the button below for the official results.  

Our goal is pollution reduction and protection of Earth’s natural resources for future generations. We have discovered a new, never before seen spherical Nanodiamond that is the only inert and ecologically friendly NanoLubrication. Nanolube, Inc. not only makes the best lubricant in the world, but the Diamond Nano coating also protects against wear, permanently surface embedding and outlasting all others.  Nanolube, Inc. has reinvented the lubrication industry with this revolutionary Diamond Coating called DiamondLube™, and has also redefined the future of mechanical machinery and it’s need for continued maintenance.