goldRush Rally 7 Day One

After the brakes were treated, the owner of the GT-R was excited to see what the engine treatment would do

Nissan GT-R Engine treatment

We started the treatment of DiamondLube on the brakes of this GTR because the ceramic brakes were causing lound squeeking sounds

Nissan GT-R Brake treatment

goldRush Rally 7 Day Two


This is the second day of GR7EVEN and the day the cars got wrapped in the goldRush rally stickers.  This is June 5, 2015 in San Diego, California.

Once we got to the Hard Rock Hotel I started to film.  This was on Thursday June 4, 2015.  After we were situated in the hotel, we headed off to La Jolla for the goldRush Rally Pre-Party.  The Pre-Party took place at O'Gara Coach in La Jolla, CA.