"Chris, the gun lube you gave me actually works. I put 8 few drops on the slide of my handgun and after only 20 cycles I was really slippery. QuickenCLP Tactical Weapons Lube works. And the air ratchet seemed to 100% faster after you barely used anything on it, AMAZING"

Joshua Kuhl

Roush Industries (EPA Certified Testing Facility)

Livonia MI


I have applied the Diamond lube (Small vehicle Diamond Lube Kit - via Indiegogo) and I am impressed.

Noticeable noise reduction and the engine revs freer.

Can I had the transmission additive to Auto trans box? (YES)

I have a 2011 Hyundai, 2000 turbo diesel, and I am interested in purchasing the Diamond Lube +MPG to give permanent protection, can I add it after the Small vehicle lube kit and can I expect any further improvement and protection?


Lance Sermon

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37.3% MPG  Increase

Rob Bluhm, CO. I was looking for a way to increase my fuel mileage when I found Diamondlube™ , I own a 2000 Volvo 770 with an N-14 Cummins, Eaton 13 speed transmission and Rockwell rears , when I bought this truck it had 758,000 miles on it with an average miles per gallon of 6.38, now with 1.2 million miles my average is 8.76 miles per gallon, Diamondlube™ has been a key contributor to this increase, I treated everything from steer axle to trailer axles, including engine transmission ,differentials coolant ,power steering and fuel, after treating the fuel and the engine I drove 200 miles and stopped for lunch, when I got out to listen to the engine I was amazed at how it reduced the vibration and noise by half. I have always had a growl in the transmission in the low side that I could never get rid of ,I've tried BG in the past with no results the only thing that ever made any difference was Diamondlube™, and again it cut the growl in half and shifts smoother even though I was always using synthetic transmission lube. I plan on keeping this truck for at least another million miles and thanks to Diamondlube™ I have confidence that I will be able to keep it as long as I want.

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